SALTWATERSOUL was Established in 2006 by Billy Ray Wagner, an avid Fisherman and Surfer. 

"I have built SALTWATERSOUL one customer at a time since the day I drew the first logo. We have kept SALTWATERSOUL homegrown and to the core. Years ago I didn't know anything about clothes or how to sell a shirt. All I knew is that I had a real name that meant something powerful that would hit every person in the Soul. A meaningful Brand, not some pic of a fish, get a quick buck name that would be gone in 2 years. I knew this road would be long and grueling. I have seen so many knock offs of us. They all try to ride my wave. When you hit the Saltwater and you get all goosed up or smell the salt air you know what I'm talking about. If you are hardcore like me and my partner of SALTWATERSOUL, TOM VAUGHN, about the Ocean or Skinny water then you have a SALTWATERSOUL! Period. I'm not going to fluff up my Brand or buy likes on Social media (which consumers don't see). Pay to Play..... All I can tell you is thank you to all the guys and girls that have tattooed SALTWATERSOUL on their skin and  Stuck with me trough the struggles behind the scenes. Thank you to all who have supported SWS since 2006. Tom and I are committed to doing our best to keep SWS going strong. We have grown SALTWATERSOUL from the boat ramp to major retail. If this is your first time shopping with us, thank you and remember to #hashtag @SALTWATERSOUL_Brand. We would love to see you rocking our gear!" - Billy Ray Wagner, SALTWATERSOUL

SALTWATERSOUL is owned and operated by people just like you. Our love of the salt water finds its way into every aspect of our lives and we live it every day! We’ve designed an apparel line as well as accessories that reflect our passion for the salt water that’s made a home in our souls, and hopefully yours as well.